How to fix a slow emulator in fedora Btrfs file system

Android Jun 21, 2023

Hi, If you are here then you have a problem with fedora Btrfs(B-Tree File System) which is a COW(Copy On Write) type file system developed for better data integrity and storage management in an efficient way.

As you may guess, This is not a bug or something necessarily bad but It's a feature and of course, we have to understand that a feature is not suitable in all situations. So how we can fix this? It's simple. Just run the commands below to disable COW.

First, we need to remove all of our AVDs, Then run this command in the command line to remove the Copy-On-Write feature for the AVD folder:

chattr +C ~/.android/avd/

The second command is for disabling QuickbootFileBacked feature from Android Emulator which gonna disable the storing of snapshots of RAM in a file and this is the most important command here. We have to create a advancedFeatures.ini file in ~./android folder:

echo "QuickbootFileBacked = off" >> ~/.android/advancedFeatures.ini

Thats it. Enjoy your Emulator 😁.


Benyamin Eskandari

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